Latest collage work

A Conscious Choice, mixed media on paper, 18 x 24″, 2010.  
This is my newest completed collage.  I have been struggling to finish this one for a while now.  The best decision I made was to put it out of sight for the last few months.  A brand new perspective on it was an important step toward its completion.  This was one of the harder collages to complete, because there was not a concise end result in my mind. 

Jellyfish print

When you have a week of snow days – we went to school on Thursday only last week and that was only for 5 hours – you have plenty of time to make your own art.  I managed to finish this series of prints of jellyfish.  I ordered some new ink before the snow days, thankfully, and two of the colors I picked out glow in the dark.  I decided jellyfish would be an appropriate experiment and theme for this new ink.  This was a tricky and time-consuming print with two plates and a background rolled with blues and silver ink.  I am happy with the end result and will be donating this particular print to a silent auction in March. 

Jellyfish, block print, 8×10″, 2010.

Happy Early Valentine’s Day

Since this year’s Valentine’s Day cards are already in the mail, I decided to upload this early.  This year I decided to do several variations on the print. One set was my multi-cultural set with different shades of browns for the paper.  I used a variation of hues for the ink – red, magenta, and silver.  The silver ink was very interesting to work with – for one, it smells quite a bit like a permanent marker, and two it takes a great deal more drying time than the other non-metallic inks.  The end effect of the silver ink on the maroon and dark brown paper showed wonderful contrast. 

 Valentine’s Day cards, block print on colored paper, 2010. 
Multi-cultural set showing red & pink ink.
Valenetine’s Day cards, block print on colored paper, 2010.  
The set of maroon, red, and brown paper with silver ink.