Abraham & Lincoln Cat Collage

Abraham & Lincoln, collage & mixed media on paper, 2010.
I finished the commission cat piece, Abraham & Lincoln, aptly named after the two subjects.  It turned out just as I imagined it, which surprisingly is not always easy to accomplish.  I think this tabby turned out better then the previous Tsali in the Window work.  I put a lot of hours into this collage and while it will be sad to say goodbye to it, I am glad to be turning this hobby into a lucrative thing.  
If you want your pet turned into a collage, please feel free to contact me. 

Gershwin collage

Gershwin, collage & ink on paper, 2010. 
This is the original artwork for the invitations to our 3rd annual back porch concert.  I photocopied this image with the information on the back.  The concert itself was actually folk music and bluegrass, but I wanted to pay homage to Gershwin and his ode to summer. 

show & commission piece

My show came down today which means my Hurricane collage will be moving to a new home this week. 

I have been working on the cat commission piece all week, it is amazing how many hours are spent just organizing, collecting, and cutting paper in preparation for a collage.  It took about 4 hours just to get to the gluing stage for this collage.  I always like to lay the pieces out on the paper like a quilt before I commit them to glued, permanent spot.  Usually Eric is the only one who gets to see my art as I work on them, but this time I am going to try to remind myself to document the work as I make it.  Here is a preview of the completed background:

I realize that it looks like a face, that was not intentional, but it is ok, since there will be a couple cats covering part of this.  This collage will have a lot in common with Tsali in the Window as far as the window and cat theme. 

sold a collage!

I sold this collage today!  The person who bought it liked it because he teaches astronomy and to him it looked more like a galaxy than a hurricane. Maybe I should make a few more, change the name to Galaxy, and see if I can sell some more…

Another person at church asked if I had any more of the hurricane collages for sale, and when told not yet, she let me know that when I did, she would be interested. Then, because my Tsali collage was such a hit at my showing at church, I managed to secure a commission for a couple.  They want a collage similar in style to this one but featuring their two cats.  I am excited for these new opportunities this summer. 

Here is a collection of photos from my most recent show at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greensboro.  It has been up since the beginning of May and will come down in about two weeks.  According to the Visual Arts Committee, I am the first artist to have sold anything from a show in the sanctuary.