Bailey Drawing

Transplanting from the North to teach in the south means a lot of unnecessary snow days.  This is how I spent my snow day today:

Bailey, oil pastel on paper, 9 x 12″, 2011.

This drawing is of a friend’s miniature Yorkie and is a (very) belated birthday present.  This has to be my favorite pet drawing to date – it captures her squirrely attitude perfectly.

Bailey sitting next to her drawing.  

Frog collage

Happy New Year!  This artwork was supposed be finished in time for Christmas for my friend, Julie, but I guess it will now be a Happy New Year artwork.  I found this fun frame at TJ Maxx at the same time I found the red frame Lauren’s Day of the Dead collage.  She is a huge fan of green so I built the artwork around the frame.  I thought she may be able to use this as art in her little boys’ bathroom.  This may be new territory I am getting into here: children’s art.

 Frog on Lily Pad, collage on paper, 5 x 7″, 2010.