owl watercolor & etsy

I am back on the world of etsy.com after realizing my artworks’ potential as nursery decor.  I also realized I have a homebound summer ahead of me and wouldn’t it be nice to cash in on some of that time between feedings, diaperings, and naps.  You can view my shop here.  I am in the process of going through my work and will be adding more over the next few days.

I re-posted a jellyfish print, this time complete with glow-in-the-dark photos.

Jellyfish, lino cut block print, 2010. 
Today I posted my second artwork, an original watercolor painting intended for nursery art.  The owl craze has been interesting to me, I seem to find them in every baby store and baby aisle.  
Owl at Dusk, watercolor on paper, 2011. 

upcycled fabric food

What better birthday gift for a creative 4-year old girl than soft fabric foods?

Fruit, made from upcycled tee shirts & ribbon. They are a little lumpy, but not too bad for the first attempt at fabric foods.  
Breakfast platter complete with two slices of toast, felted jam, two slices of bacon, and two eggs.  Mad from upcycled tee shirts, upcycled felted wool sweaters, and ribbon.  
Hamburger stacked up. 
Hamburger patty with string ketchup, bun, one slice of cheese, and two pieces of lettuce.  Made from upcycled tee shirts, upcycled felted wool sweater, and yarn. 
Then I just needed a little bag to store these fabric foods in.  This is side one of the bag.  Made from upcycled fabric bag (Charlie’s Laundry Soap), upcycled tee shirts, and ribbon. 
Side two of the bag, complete with monogramming.  My machine farted out a little and needed a little break, so to get this gift done in time I used the iron-on method for the blue fabric.  
Our friend’s 4-year old will receive these tomorrow, hopefully I can get some shots of her using them in her kitchen set at some point in the near future.  If I am feeling really brave I will try and tackle making fabric strawberries, which are her favorite fruit, maybe even food.