Sewn Paper Cards – Playing Card & North Carolina Theme

I’ve been working on more sewn paper cards this week.  I added in some scrap booking paper, but I am still using old books and the interior print from envelopes – the blue North Carolina came from our old credit union’s mailed statements.  That is one problem with being into collage – you save too many scraps.  I have my scraps organized into file folders and in a plastic tub for easier access.  

The card symbols were inspired by the pages of an old bridge book – I just love the mix of text and card suits.  The Crisco pie ad, on the right, is from an old advertising book I found at an antique book shop in Greensboro – it’s a treasure trove of card possibilities.

These are heading off in the mail this week for a friend’s birthday.  I just love making things and passing them on to others.  I have to, otherwise my house would be full to the gills by now.  So friends, say mercy when you’ve had enough and say more if you’ve not had enough.

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