Sea-themed Half Bath Makeover

½ bath before makeover.  

Our ½ bath downstairs had a lot going for it and yet, a lot to be desired when we first moved in.  The shutters, which covered every window all over the house, had to go.  They made the tiny bathroom so much darker.

½ bath after makeover.  
The old laminate floors were replaced with a synthetic tile – it has a little give to it, which I like.  The removal of the shutters and use of the frosted glass-like window cling obscures the window without losing daylight.  This bathroom’s window helps to light the hallway, so this was the better choice than blinds or curtains.  

½ bath before. 
The tile is in fine shape, but the paint needed a fresh coat of glossy white.  After the floor was changed out, we had to raise up the pedestal sink a bit, and then re caulk the sink to the wall.  That crazy hook had to go as well. 

½ bath after. 

It was much harder than we realized to find a new cabinet, due to the size and shape of the hole in the wall behind it.  You can see the crack in the tiles in the bottom left corner of the cabinet, above.  So, we opted to use living room paint and some paint samples to spruce it up for the time being.  Who knows, it may even become a permanent cabinet.

I added an ocean mixed media piece I did back in 2006 – keeping this bathroom sparse was my goal.

 The cabinet’s interior is sharp in this deep blue.

My Fishbones, in Greensboro, cut metal fish and two striped towels from Ikea rounded out the sparseness. 

My favorite part of this bathroom is the surprise ceiling mural.  This came from the sea motif in this bathroom and a spark of inspiration one late night after Greta was in bed and Eric was out and about.   I figured if he really hated it, primer would cover it nicely.

I used two samples for the tentacle paint.  The top one is the Pantone color of the year – Emerald.  I have plenty left over and I love this color, so I think it will end up in a few more places in our home.  The bottom color is called crocodile smile and it is a summer 2013 Lowe’s paint sample.  The Lowe’s sample looked better in the jar than on the ceiling, I think.  

This lovely light blue is a sample from Ace Hardware, called Grace Harbor.  I used a cork to stamp the circular patterns on the ceiling.  I love these little paint samples, they are a great way to test a color and excellent for small projects.

The last touch was to add a storage shelf above the door.  I have always thought this is a smart idea for a bathroom, especially smaller ones.  It leaves no guests searching for t.p. or tissues.  Greta’s hand washing stool is handy for short people like me.

Key Lime Mailbox + New Blog Name

Yes, change is coming around here.  The name of this blog is morphing over to Life Like Art in the next week.  That means the new address will be 
A wordle from Mommy’s Medley posts.  
Why?  I chose the name Mommy’s Medley when I was just a few months into mommy-hood and while it was a great name, I don’t want mommy-hood to define this blog.  It is about so many more aspects of my life.  Hopefully Greta will understand.  In the meantime, enjoy reading about what brings me so much joy in my life – the projects, the DIY time, painting, crafting, sewing, baking, cooking, family time, working on my house, and yes, being a parent.  

Oh boy, things are still busy around these parts.  The latest spray paint victim was our mailbox.  The thing was rusting and peeling away, see below.  Nothing a couple coats of Key Lime green spray paint can’t fix!  Seriously, what can’t spray paint beautify?

 Ugh.  Before.  I taped the flag, the wooden post, and the numbers (on the back side of this photo).

The first couple coats shocked me a little, not going to lie.  I started looking around the block wondering if the neighbors would think that the crazy art lady had gone too far, especially when everyone else seems to have a mailbox that is green, black, or brown.  Eep.  The color grew on me in the next 2 minutes.

When it was dry, I added more reflective numbers, removed the tape, and am pretty sure it glows phosphorescently after dark.  On my walk the next morning I did however, notice quite a few mailboxes with butterflies and odd murals.  I guess my touch of Florida isn’t so bad after all.

Other updates – outlets.  Replacing outlets and switch covers are such an easy way to update and clean up the look of a room.  I still shudder at the previous color that drenched the living room and dining room.  Egad – it made me nervous just being near that much blood red.

Eric had the genius idea of replacing the dining room switch with USB outlets for charging.  Next step, add a pretty shelf and touch up the scuff mark seen below in this image.

Coming soon – finished shots of the downstairs bathroom.  You’ll either smile or shudder.

S’mores Brownies

Oh tomorrow’s Super Bowl will even S’more Super thanks to this easy recipe.

 This recipe calls for 1 boxed brownie mix (1 egg, 1/4 cup oil, 1/4 cup water, and 1 packet of Hershey’s chocolate syrup which was part of this particular mix), 14 graham cracker squares, and 24 marshmallows.

 Grease a pan or spray with cooking spray.  I used a 13 x 9 inch pan for thinner brownies.  Break 14 graham crackers into squares place in bottom of pan.  Depending on the size of your pan, you may need more graham crackers.

 Mix brownie mix, according to directions on box.  Spread over the tops of the grahams.

 Use a spatula to ensure even, thorough coating.

 Bake brownies according to time on package.  Take out with 2 minutes to go.  Top with 24 marshmallows.  Space evenly, about 2 inches apart, as shown.  Return to oven for last 2 minutes of baking.

Remove from oven and use spoon to press marshmallows flat.  Allow to cool in pan.  

Slice and serve.  These would be perfect birthday treats, camping dessert, or sweet treats for your next big game day party.

In other news, Eric and I have been working on house updates.  We decided to swap out the bathroom light for this one.  I won’t even show you the old one – it was that hideous.  We discovered the old wallpaper underneath though – it looks like a nice 30s print.  I would love to have seen our house when it was first built in 1939 and to have seen the first family that lived here, no doubt employed by the nearby textile mill.  Don’t worry, we will be painting over this ASAP, but I had to document it.

Enjoy your weekend!

Here’s the pan I used for this brownie recipe.  It has a lid which makes it great for transporting.