Golf Baby Art

Whew!  It’s been a while since I completed an artwork that wasn’t a demonstration artwork for my classroom.  This piece was created for friends who had their baby back in August.  I know, I am behind, right?  Mom and dad both like retro themes and golf – so there you have the theme.  You can check out the cutie on her blog, at Iowa Girl Eats

 They started off as three paintings of retro golf apparel.  (I’m thinking tweed bike ride theme may need to be next on my list).  I sat around on this for quite some time, trying to figure out what on earth to do for a background.

I had been playing around with different papers, making small weavings, when I realized the weavings could work as a paper collage stand-in for fabric.  After all, the Scots invented golf and they also have some pretty amazing plaids.

 Paper weaving isn’t too bad, you just need patience.  A paper cutter is also a big bonus.

The final two backgrounds were draws with oil pastels (above) and painted with watercolor with added magazine collage for texture.

Tree Mixed Media Artwork

I forgot all about this collage & watercolor piece I had completed a while back – in November.  Whoops!  I made it on a friend’s birthday and subsequently ended up giving it to her .  I have been really enjoying using the old books in my collage work lately.

I have another one of these mixed media, old book collages finished that I will be posting on here soon.  I had the pleasure of taking a workshop on Saturday at the Weatherspoon Art Museum.  It was well worth the money as a way to force myself to devote a day to art.

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Toy Car Caddy

Happy 3rd Birthday to Jai!  Jai is a little boy who always has a pocket full of toy cars.  He knows all the Cars movie characters and says, “Lightning McQueen!”  when it lightnings during a storm.  So, the toy car caddy is the perfect gift for his cars.  It is made from upcycled tee shirts and a pillowcase.  It has a road and driving details on one side.  On the other side, it has a pocket for his cars.  The strings are used to wrap the entire caddy up and is perfect for an one-the-go boy.

I started with a flannel pillowcase and cut one side open to make it easier to sew the road and other items.

The pond, roads, and trees are all made from tee shirts.  The pond has decorative stitching embellishments for waves.  

I used a ruler to measure the roads.  They are all 2-inch wide segments of black tee shirt fabric.  The curvy sections were the most challenging sections to cut and sew – a rotary cutter would be a better option in the future.  

To make the car pocket, I cut the sleeve off of a men’s dress shirt and used a section with a seam as the top edge.  I pressed the sides and bottom of the sleeve, pinned it to the pillowcase, and sewed the edges.  Next, I pinned off sections, using a toy car as my measurements for the width and sewed compartments for the toy cars. 

I used acrylic yellow paint to paint yellow stripes on the road.  This paint is strong enough to withstand washings.  

I used the same paint, but in blue to paint his name.  In hindsight, a stencil would have been a way to make the lettering neater.  
To take the caddy on the go, simply fold into thirds. 

Then use the ribbons sewn into one side.  They are long enough to make a handle if desired. 

Hokey, but hopefully fun!

upcycled fabric food

What better birthday gift for a creative 4-year old girl than soft fabric foods?

Fruit, made from upcycled tee shirts & ribbon. They are a little lumpy, but not too bad for the first attempt at fabric foods.  
Breakfast platter complete with two slices of toast, felted jam, two slices of bacon, and two eggs.  Mad from upcycled tee shirts, upcycled felted wool sweaters, and ribbon.  
Hamburger stacked up. 
Hamburger patty with string ketchup, bun, one slice of cheese, and two pieces of lettuce.  Made from upcycled tee shirts, upcycled felted wool sweater, and yarn. 
Then I just needed a little bag to store these fabric foods in.  This is side one of the bag.  Made from upcycled fabric bag (Charlie’s Laundry Soap), upcycled tee shirts, and ribbon. 
Side two of the bag, complete with monogramming.  My machine farted out a little and needed a little break, so to get this gift done in time I used the iron-on method for the blue fabric.  
Our friend’s 4-year old will receive these tomorrow, hopefully I can get some shots of her using them in her kitchen set at some point in the near future.  If I am feeling really brave I will try and tackle making fabric strawberries, which are her favorite fruit, maybe even food.  

Bailey Drawing

Transplanting from the North to teach in the south means a lot of unnecessary snow days.  This is how I spent my snow day today:

Bailey, oil pastel on paper, 9 x 12″, 2011.

This drawing is of a friend’s miniature Yorkie and is a (very) belated birthday present.  This has to be my favorite pet drawing to date – it captures her squirrely attitude perfectly.

Bailey sitting next to her drawing.  

Strawberry Collage

Strawberries & Sugar, collage on paper, 2010.
One of my stronger early memories in life is of visiting my Grandparents in Billings, Montana.  The climate and weather was so different than the Midwest and the day-long drive from Minneapolis was like traveling to a different world as a young child.  When we arrived in Minneapolis my parents would often hand us over to our grandparents so they could sleep, go skiing, hike, or just catch a break.  
Some of the memories that stand out for me are watering the tomato plants and watching huge thunderstorms roll in off the not so distant mountains; watching the water rush through the irrigation ditches in the backyard; making peach ice cream with my Papa; feeding carrots to the horses across the way; visiting bluffs with petroglyphs carved in their sides; visiting a museum with a stuffed two-headed calf; chasing robins out of my grandparents’ cherry tree; visiting my grandmother at her work as a dietitian and playing with her rubber food samples; and eating strawberries dipped in sugar.  This sugar and strawberries combination was one of the more decadent things we were allowed to do in grandparents’ care.  This collage is just a small slice of those memories from Billings.  My grandmother’s birthday is Christmas Day and this is to be her birthday gift.  

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Actually my dad’s birthday was early in the week, but I waited until today to post this just in case he might have seen it before it arrived.  I got lucky with the timing on this card – he received it on his birthday.

Happy Birthday Pie, mixed media & collage on paper, 2010.