My Etsy Shop is On!

As of this evening I am officially trying to sell some of my summer projects, like this Day of the Dead tablecloth.  You can find these items listed on my Etsy shop – Mommy’s Medley.  
Tablet sleeve from felted wool. 
Baby bibs and much more to come!
Be kind.  I have this addiction to create things, therefore I need to sell some of my items so that when this peanut is older she is not wading through a craft room of stuff.  

Day of the Dead Tablecloth

The new tablecloth in the dining room. 
Today was a busy project day – perfect for a rainy afternoon.  Eric worked on refinishing a rocking chair that was a prize trash day find (will post that later) while I worked on this tablecloth and a chocolate and cherry cake.  
My mom sent me another Day of the Dead print, but I am currently debating what to do with that selection.  Will post when my decision is final.  I have a few ideas rattling around in my head right now.  
A close-up of the print.  
A close-up of the finished corner with yellow brick-a-brack and violet ribbon.

This project was a quick one, just a couple hours.  I had a yard of the print and then found a remnant of black fabric.  I cut the black into four 5-inch sections, which I then sewed on to the 4 edges.  This made a nice edge to which I could affix the decorative trimmings.