Cherry Blossom Painting

I’ve been working my tail off trying to wrap up some art projects around here.  I made a promise to myself to allow more time to make art in 2014 – we shall see how that promise holds up.  Some of the projects are for myself, while many are for others.  I do believe that half the women I know are having babies in 2014!  
This painting is for a coworker who is having a girl any day now.  She is going with silver, gray, and pink in the nursery.  I stuck with a simple silver background, a stark black branch from ink, and bright pink cherry blossoms.  
Cherry Blossoms, acrylic paint and India ink on paper, 9×12″, 2014.

This close-up shows the silver off a little better.  I used India ink so that I could drop the ink on the paper and then blow the ink to create interesting organic lines for the branches, then I went back in and filled in with a brush.  

Prints and artwork are always for sale, please inquire by e-mail or through my Etsy shop, which is currently empty.  If you are interested in purchasing something you have seen on this blog, I will create a custom listing for you.  I also do custom commission pieces as well.  

Easy Halloween Garland

I love sewing with paper – it’s my new favorite go-to decor project.  Here’s my 30 minutes or less Halloween paper garland.  
I started with some orange paper – left over from when I thought I was going to make my own wedding invitations – ha!  This paper has beautiful strands of colorful fibers in the paper.  
I cut 10 squares into 4 x 4 inch pieces. 
Using India ink, I painted designs on the pieces of paper.  
I sewed them together, corner to corner.  Be sure to leave plenty of extra thread at each end to affix your garland to whatever item you choose.  I always recommend sewing a test strip of paper, before launching into your project.  
This is a cheap and easy way to decorate for any occasion.  If you do not fancy yourself a painter or drawer, this would be just as easy to do with clip art.  
In other news, a big fresh bottle of vanilla showed up, courtesy of my in-laws!  Hooray, it is safe to bake again.  
A personal favorite ink: