Instagram turned Painting

Instagram has proven to be my favorite phone app again and again.  I have taken quite a few photos with Instagram only to say, “I should make that into an artwork.”  I finally did just that.  I took an Instagram photo from Sticks and Stones and turned it into a watercolor.  See below.  
Beer Lace, watercolor on paper, 2012. 
Here is the original Instagram.  
This blog was originally started to document my art making processes.  It was a way to keep myself working and producing, and then Greta came along.  I soon found the only creating I was doing was in the kitchen, since we all have to eat.  While I love cooking and baking, I need to make art.  So, I am trying to get back to the beginning of all of this and make more art.  I know now I need to carve this time out during the week.  There will still be recipes on here, but hopefully better balanced with art.  Enjoy. 

Nail Art: clouds

My favorite Instagrams have been about clouds.
So the latest nail art is an homage to the Big Sky state and fluffy cloud images. 
Greensboro, NC.
Hickory, NC.
Winston-Salem, NC.
Greensboro, NC.
Greensboro, NC.
Yellowstone National Park, Montana.

Wedding weekend via Instagram

3 airports. 
1 sleepy baby.
The peonies held out for the wedding.
The view from our hotel, The W, in the Foshay tower. 
Quality breakfast time with Papa. 
Quality time with Morsmor.
Ready for the rehearsal. 

Pretty hair at the salon. 
Beautiful arrangements at the Semple Mansion
Pretty dresses.
Smiling couple. 
Family portrait at the Semple. 
Great dancing ended a fabulous night. 
Waving bye bye to Minneapolis.