Iowa Butter Cow Print

I recently finished another state themed block print – this time in homage to our current state of Iowa.  We don’t have a catch phrase like y’all to work with, so I went with something the state fair theme.  I know that plenty of states have state fairs, but I promise you, they have NOTHING on the Iowa State Fair.

This is the Artist’s Proof run.  I always make sure I do one of these when I think I am nearing completion of a print.  This way, I can catch any mistakes or make any last minute changes.  I noticed this time around that I did not cross my t’s on butter.  I also decided to cut away more of the background in the state of Iowa.  
Prints and artwork are always for sale, please inquire by e-mail or through my Etsy shop, which is currently empty.  If you are interested in purchasing something you have seen on this blog, I will create a custom listing for you.  

Valentine’s Day is Nearing…

This means only one thing: hand made cards coming soon.

I was going through my vast digital collection of photos this evening, while Eric is chaperoning a middle school dance, and found this old gem.  I have made Valentine’s Day cards as long as I can remember.  Some years I made collage cards, but most years I made linoleum block prints.  Some years I was ambitious and sent them out like Christmas cards.  Some years I only give them to those closest to me.  I have yet to decide on this year’s theme, media, and quantity.  I am fairly sure I made this dreaming cat card in college.  I no longer have any prints of it, just the linoleum block.  

Actually, scratch that, Valentine’s Day means two things: 

Dunkin Donuts heart donuts!  

Want to try making your own block print?  You will need a set of these.  More on block printing coming soon. 

owl watercolor & etsy

I am back on the world of after realizing my artworks’ potential as nursery decor.  I also realized I have a homebound summer ahead of me and wouldn’t it be nice to cash in on some of that time between feedings, diaperings, and naps.  You can view my shop here.  I am in the process of going through my work and will be adding more over the next few days.

I re-posted a jellyfish print, this time complete with glow-in-the-dark photos.

Jellyfish, lino cut block print, 2010. 
Today I posted my second artwork, an original watercolor painting intended for nursery art.  The owl craze has been interesting to me, I seem to find them in every baby store and baby aisle.  
Owl at Dusk, watercolor on paper, 2011. 

Dan & Katie’s wedding present

Iowa River Kayak, Linoleum block print, 2010.
Utah Sky Kayak, Linoleum block print, 2010.

We spent a lovely weekend in Dubuque, Iowa this weekend for a friend’s wedding.  The images are the block prints we are giving as their wedding gifts.  The idea was for kayaking prints was Eric’s and I brought them to fruition.  All in all it was a great example of teamwork artwork.

Both prints are oil ink linoleum block prints, printed on watercolor paper, and finished with hand-painted watercolor.  I am not usually a fan of using oil ink due to the smell, chemicals, and messy clean-up, however oil is still the best for hand coloring with watercolors to prevent smearing and bleeding of the ink and paint.    These prints are of an edition of three, though the other two may end up not being used or given away at all.  For some reason, these two blocks were extremely difficult to pull prints from – the ink would not adhere to the paper as I would have liked. 

Dan and Katie are both from Iowa and now currently reside in Utah.  Dan’s love (and hopefully Katie’s too) of kayaking and their home state of Iowa plus current state of Utah inspired these two prints.