Dining Room Table

One of the things I had on my summer to-do list was to decide on what to do with my dining room chairs.  They are in the image below – boring light wooden chairs from Target that I bought when I first moved to Greensboro more than a decade ago.  The chair story also involves my lovely dining room table, a post that I started almost two years ago and didn’t finish.  So, here it is, finally 2 years later.  


My family before my youngest was born, shortly after we moved in.

One of the things I love about our current house, is the open spaces we have.  Our previous house, in Greensboro, had quaint 1939 charm, but lacked openness.  This is our dining room the spring after we moved to Iowa – open, airy, and with fun built-ins.


With that vast openness of a house space, though, comes ideas.  Many, many, many ideas.  My brain is on a pretty constant DIY cycle – it truly is a disease, I promise.  Eric can vouch for that, as he will fairly often get messages from me with content like this.  Btw, this project was a false start and ended up becoming a curbside freebie.



While I love to DIY, I am not much of a woodworker.  I get grand ideas, but my follow-through is awful.  Eric on the other hand, is fantastically talented in this field – see his live edge computer table he made.  He inherited a large stash of wood from his grandfather’s shop, when we moved back.  This is what the stash currently looks like, I promise I have a dream list of what to do with it, if time were endless.


Not too long after we were settled, Eric began working on plans to create my dream dining room table from some of his grandfather’s wood.  He settled on a large plank of oak.  It was thick enough that it could be butterflied into 2 pieces to fashion the table.  He found a sawmill in Boone, Iowa and took the plank there.



Side note- it was around this time that Eric also made a series of beautiful cutting boards for family members.  Somehow I didn’t end up with one of these bad boys, maybe in the near future?



Because this table was a project that was worked on during the 9 months before I had our second child, there are not much in the form of documentation images of the project.  This is the table shortly after it was completed.  The legs were ordered from The Legge Shop, an Etsy shop from New York.  They were custom-made and came with a plate to be bolted in the middle of the two planks, to prevent too much flexing between the two pieces of wood.


I kept dreaming of bright, modern chairs to go along with my table.  I finally just bit the bullet, and spent a few bucks on bright yellow, Krylon Sun Yellow, spray paint to update my existing chairs from Target.  I did end up sanding the chairs in a few spots, and using a white base-coat spray first.  This was to ensure that the yellow coat adhered stronger and with less coats.

The kids have been thrilled with the bright color and my youngest keeps requesting to sit in the “lellow” chair.  I can already tell that the chairs yellow coat will need to be updated within the calendar year, but the upside is they are easier to clean with a new coat of paint.


The final outcome – table and bright chairs just make me smile.  The yellow is so cheerful and fun with the live edge and industrial legs of the table.  Now if I can just get Eric to craft a bench from that excess wood…


DIY Wood Die Set

Eric made this lovely dice set a while back (as in, December!) and I forgot to post them until now.  It was a simple project – cut a long piece of wood into a set of five cubes, sand, and then use a Wood Burner  to make dots on the die.

They could be a fun addition to a kids’ block collection, a larger than life set of die for backyard or game night fun, or a great learning set for young, budding Yahtzee enthusiasts.  In any case, we gave them away to my sister and her husband.  Now I just need Eric to make me a set for summer die games on the porch.


Speaking of the porch, we are getting closer to being done with that project.  Here’s a peek – we redid the floors, insulated the walls below the windows, and added white bead board under the windows.  We also upgraded to some more comfortable furniture.  Eric scored these orange (!) office chairs at a furniture thrift shop.  He knows me and my affinity for orange and chairs, so well.  We started this porch process last summer and hope to finish it this spring before it gets too far into porch season.  More on the porch project in the near future.

Finished Toddler Room

I can’t believe is has been a year since we moved to Des Moines from Greensboro.  What a year it has been too!  Things are finally beginning to settle for us as a family.  It is also beginning to really feel like we live in this house as the rooms come together one by one.  I hope to share a few more of these projects before baby #2 arrives.  First up is the new big girl room, AKA the purple room, according to my almost three year old.

It was only recently that my daughter’s big girl room was ready for her to move in.  She had been in another bedroom, but that room is to become the nursery for baby #2.  My toddler loves yellow and purple.  We already used a lovely pale shade of yellow, Pastel yellow, in the playroom.  I opted for her other color of choice, purple, but in a pastel shade.  I am not usually one to go for pastels, especially lavender, but this color is just wow on the walls!

Greta picked out that artwork at the recent Des Moines Pedal Art Show.  The doll crib was one that my sister and I played with when we were little girls.

The original color of this room was an odd, faded rosy pink color.  I was happy to see it updated and made more striking.  Eric painted this room while I was in Minneapolis for my sister’s baby shower and enlisted the help of a friend.  I was truly worried that he would freak out about the color and stop part way through.  I was happy to receive text messages with updates on how much he liked the color.

When I discovered that Pantone interior paint was available at Lowe’s, I knew our entire house would be done in these lovely colors.  We found perfect shades for almost every room of this house.  I still have yet to paint the upstairs bathroom and decide on a color.  Pantone is pretty fantastic – you can find a wide array of Pantone items out there!

Most of the furnishings in the room came from Ikea.  The bed, bench, rug, and button wall decor all came from Ikea in this photo.  So far, the room is sparse, which is fine by me and Greta.  She likes to put her things away and keep her room tidy – the IKEA MOLGER Bench
helps her organize books and stuffed animals.  The playroom also helps us to keep her room free of clutter, which I always am thankful for when I have to make a trip into her room in the dark.

The dresser and silver lamp are also Ikea.  Her gold framed mirror was a thrift store find and the quilt was a gift from a friend when she was born.  I’m still feeling so grateful that the floors in our upstairs were in as good of condition as they are.

The butterfly and owl watercolors work well with the violet fog color.  My mom made Greta the elephant artwork (left) with a technique called quilling.

Her collection of favorite stuffed animals, doll clothing, and favorite bedtime books are all housed in bins and crates on this bench.  It can also double as a nightstand when she eventually understands that concept.